Celebrating NAIDOC Week | Because of her we can!

Message from the NAIDOC Chairperson

Gudamulli ngathu narri Kristina Hatfield,

I am a proud Darumbal women, the Darumbal people are the Traditional Custodians of this area where we Celebrate NAIDOC Week. I’d like to acknowledge and pay my yadaba to My Darumbal ancestors and all My Elders past and present.

As the Chairperson I am excited to be apart of the 2018 NAIDOC THEME “Because of her, we can”, this theme resonates to the core of my existence. As I reflect on my years and the women that have shaped my life, I think of my Mum, My Nanna, My Great Grandmother, My Daughter, My Aunty and My Sisters who have help me be the women I am today.

NAIDOC stands for National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee, NAIDOC week has been celebrated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people since the 1920.

I am happy to acknowledge that we have 5 major sponsors, Darumbal Enterprise, CQID, Bidgerdii Community Health, Life without Barriers and Central Qld Health.

This year Rockhampton NAIDOC is proud to announce our new brand, marketing material and website that will be the focal point for many years to come, thanks to the efforts of FMSTUDIOS who has come on board as an annual sponsor of ROCK NAIDOC.

So if you want to be apart of the great events that are happening for 2018 Rock NAIDOC visit our NAIDOC calendar page and register your interest on our ROCK NAIDOC facebook page.

We will have over 30 Indigenous & Non-Indigenous organisations showcasing their services by holding events such as Flexi-Learning 3 on 3 Basketball, NAIDOC March & Expo, NAIDOC Golf, NAIDOC Ball, Baby Show, Corporate Breakfast, NAIDOC Mass, just to name a few.

NAIDOC week is not only a time for us Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to celebrate our Culture, it’s a time were we acknowledge indigenous achievements and encourage Non Indigenous people to join in and learn more about our Culture and the importance of our Connection to this land on which we all live.

Happy NAIDOC Week All

Group Image | ROCK NAIDOC
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