Jaylon Mimi

Jaylon Mimi | ROCK NAIDOC 2022

He is a proud Darumbal man on his mother’s side and a Wakka Wakka man on his mother’s father’s side. He also has connection to Kuku Yalangi, Gungganji and Yandinji from his father’s side. Jaylon is a Cultural Heritage Field Officer at Darumbal Enterprises and is privileged and proud to be representing his workplace and his people. As a young indigenous male Jaylon is proud to show off his culture and all that comes with it. The theme makes Jaylon feel empowered to put in the effort and energy to stand up and show off what we are proud of as a people and as an indigenous nation. Jaylon believes that NAIDOC week is an amazing time of year where our people truly get to wear our pride on our sleeves. Something Jaylon would really want to do in his future is to have a big impact on our youth’s lives to inspire them to want to have a better future for themselves.

Kyeema Hixon

Kyeema Hixon | ROCK NAIDOC 2022

Kyeema is an Iman woman who is happy and proud to be representing her family and school. Kyeema’s dream job is to be a paramedic. It is important to Kyeema and her family that she became a 2022 NAIDOC Entrant for she wishes to be a positive role model for other people. On her NAIDOC journey she has hoped to build her self-esteem, learn more about herself, her community, and her culture. To Kyeema the 2022 NAIDOC theme means to have confidence in yourself and know your self-worth. It doesn’t matter what colour you are, you get up, you move, you make choices, you show up, you motivate yourself and you motivate your mob.

Andrew Young

Andrew Young | ROCK NAIDOC 2022

Andrew is a proud Anangu/Pitjantjara man from Rockhampton and Woorabinda. Andrew graduated from High School in 2021 and since then has been keeping himself busy with any opportunity that comes his way. He recently played a role in a short film and music video. Andrew has done some work assisting Learning Creates Australia to understand and shed light on young indigenous students’ journeys within the Education system. Andrew believes that young mob need to get up and be present, stand up and voice our thoughts and opinions because we are powerful and can change things for the better. He believes you should show up with pride within yourself and show everyone how deadly we can be.

Zalhi Hayden

Zalhi Hayden | ROCK NAIDOC 2022

Zalhi is a proud young Darumbal woman. Zalhi’s biggest inspiration was her big brother Elijah Alberts for he was always her biggest support throughout her life growing up. Zalhi has been a Cultural Facilitator, big sister figure and role model for indigenous children in care through the Darumbal Cultural Connections program. Zalhi loves to share her Culture through traditional dance and has also recently starred in a short film speaking her Darumbal language. Zalhi is proud to be aboriginal for she has the most beautiful opportunity which is connecting to the land and sea. Zalhi is grateful she can have the chance to speak up for her mob in the community that are shame to or don’t know their background.

Shakoda Barry

Shakoda Barry | ROCK NAIDOC 2022



Shakoda is a proud Gangulu, Wanji and Yiman woman from Woorabinda. Shakoda recently graduated from Wadja Wadja High School in 2020. Shakoda is proud of her culture because it could have been wiped off the face of the earth completely, but it is still surviving till this very day. This year’s theme to Shakoda means to her to be motivated and get up into life and get things done. Stand up for what you believe in especially when valuing the cultural teachings, you have been taught. Shakoda believes the indigenous culture needs to be celebrated and acknowledged much more because it is the oldest living culture in the world and that’s huge for Australia. Shakoda is proud to be a part of the CQID family and enjoys her newly started role as an administration officer. Shakoda believes we must find a way to erase discrimination even though it will be a long road, but she believes we can be patient because Peace Love and Unity is all she would want to see in our community.

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